Onychomycosis – Can you get rid of it?

The appearance of nails is one of the most essential aspects where women have to focus their attention. Regardless of their age or what they do for living, women have to possess beautiful hands with impeccable nails to emanate femininity and elegance. But when nails are yellowish, thickened, crumby and fragile, onychomycosis might have occurred, causing embarrassment and reduced self-esteem in women affected by this condition of nails. ZetaClear is a natural solution that treats onychomycosis and improves the health of nails efficiently and safely, without causing any damage to nails.

How can ZetaClear help you eliminate onychomycosis?

zetaclear onychomycosisMany symptoms can suggest a fungal infection of the nail. Onychomycosis appears when fungus attacked the nail bed, the root of nail or the nail surface, causing changes in the structure, color and appearance of nails. Nail fungal infection will make nails thickened, brittle, crumby, yellow, dark, without shine and luster, until they might eventually fall of the nail bed. When onychomycosis affects toenails, pain might be experienced and people will find it difficult to wear certain shoes and even to stand up.

Because onychomycosis can spread to other nails and to other people that you get in contact with, you have to treat and eliminate the infection even from the first appearance of any symptoms. ZetaClear treatment consists in a combination of topical solution and oral homeopathic spray that work together to eliminate onychomycosis in an effective, natural and safe way. Both of these products are made of natural ingredients extracted from plants that have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects.

ZetaClear topical solution has to be applied directly on nails to penetrate it and reach to the root of the problem. It has in its formula efficient compounds like Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Melaleuca Tree, Clover oil, Tea Tree oil and many other ingredients that will promote the health of nail, kill the fungus, prevent its spreading and improve the appearance and luster of nails.

ZetaClear oral homeopathic spray should be used together with the topical solution because it fortifies immune system and supports the consumers eliminate and prevent the re-occurrence of onychomycosis. This product is formulated with Nitricum Acidum, Thuja Occidentalis, Antimonium Curdum, Arsenicum Album, Mancinella and other powerful compounds, which work synergistically to reduce pain, kill the fungus, eliminate discoloration, alleviate burning and tingling sensations, reduce inflammation, accelerate nail growth and improve the overall health of nails in a secure and healthy way.

By using this powerful treatment as recommended, the consumers will not experience any negative or unwanted side effects. Positive results will be noticed from the first days of using ZetaClear, when the signs of nail fungal infection will be reduced and nails will start growing healthy again. But patients affected by onychomycosis have to be aware that fungal infections are, in most cases, very stubborn and they require time, patience and diligence in order to be treated and eliminated properly. Furthermore, nail fungal infections often re-occur, so having at reach an adequate treatment for it would be a wise move.

Apply ZetaClear on your nails to eliminate onychomycosis properly. Use this treatment for as long as it takes, because it is the only way to make sure you banish the fungus and prevent its development. Due to ZetaClear, your nails will become beautiful and healthy again naturally and you will regain your self-esteem, too.