Nail fungus treatment for Australians

There is nothing like feeling the warm sunlight on a beach and surfing the wildest waves. However, it is important for you to protect your nails from the humidity of the weather with the assistance of an efficient ally as ZetaClear Australia. Enjoy the sea water and forget about any concern related to fungal infections with this natural treatment.

An effective natural nail fungus treatment

An effective natural nail fungus treatmentIf you want to understand how ZetaClear works, it is important to be aware of the mechanism behind a fungal infection. This disease appears when a tiny parasitic organism will thrive in warm and moist environments. They feed on keratin, which is the main component of nails, hair, and skin.

This kind of infection triggers an overproduction of keratin on nails which makes them thicker and separating them from their subungual bed. Feet harbor around 200 types of fungi, however not all of them are harmful. Around 65% of the cases of onychomycosis are caused by dermatophytes as stated at

Yeasts and molds are the most prevalent in tropical areas. They can affect both hands and feet. Their effects are tough to eradicate because the parasites penetrate on the deepest tissue layers. That is the reason that motivated ZetaClear to develop a homeopathic solution to combat the detrimental consequences attributed to this condition.

ZetaClear contains natural oils extracted from many herbs which have the capacity to penetrate to the deepest tissue layers. Their active principles reach the blood stream to assist the immune system to detect the infection and fight against it. The probability of getting a fungal infection on nails is increased with the pass of time. As one will age, the subungual tissue becomes more fragile and dry, presenting more cracks where the parasite can stay. ZetaClear topic solution aims to prevent such changes and strengthen each one of their layers.

The combination of ZetaClear spray and cream prevent the parasites from reaching the cells responsible for the regeneration of nail. Most of the available medications do not have this quality. For that reason, only this homeopathic therapy can provide lasting results after just three months of treatment.

The incidence of onychomycosis among Australians

Stagnant water on pools and humid places provides the ideal environment for the transmission of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Recent clinical investigations have revealed that in Australia, around 9% of the population is affected by onychomycosis.

Additionally, around 66% of onychomycosis cases are produced by yeasts. 22% are triggered by dermatophytes and 12% by other factors. This information confirmed that during past decades the incidence of this disease had been increased. It is mainly because in most of the cases the fungi reach the nail matrix responsible for producing new tissue. An infection on the mentioned zone prevents an appropriate regeneration.

Most of the pharmaceutical products require an accurate identification of the parasitic agent responsible for the disease. However, people affected by ailments caused by nondermatphytes may not be able to find a suitable solution among such conventional treatments. Resort to ZetaClear Australia official store to acquire this effective natural therapy to get rid of infectious agents and restore the beauty and health of your nails.