Onychomycosis – Can you get rid of it?

The appearance of nails is one of the most essential aspects where women have to focus their attention. Regardless of their age or what they do for living, women have to possess beautiful hands with impeccable nails to emanate femininity and elegance. But when nails are yellowish, thickened, crumby and fragile, onychomycosis might have occurred, causing embarrassment and reduced self-esteem in women affected by this condition of nails. ZetaClear is a natural solution that treats onychomycosis and improves the health of nails efficiently and safely, without causing any damage to nails.

How can ZetaClear help you eliminate onychomycosis?

zetaclear onychomycosisMany symptoms can suggest a fungal infection of the nail. Onychomycosis appears when fungus attacked the nail bed, the root of nail or the nail surface, causing changes in the structure, color and appearance of nails. Nail fungal infection will make nails thickened, brittle, crumby, yellow, dark, without shine and luster, until they might eventually fall of the nail bed. When onychomycosis affects toenails, pain might be experienced and people will find it difficult to wear certain shoes and even to stand up.

Because onychomycosis can spread to other nails and to other people that you get in contact with, you have to treat and eliminate the infection even from the first appearance of any symptoms. ZetaClear treatment consists in a combination of topical solution and oral homeopathic spray that work together to eliminate onychomycosis in an effective, natural and safe way. Both of these products are made of natural ingredients extracted from plants that have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effects.

ZetaClear topical solution has to be applied directly on nails to penetrate it and reach to the root of the problem. It has in its formula efficient compounds like Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Melaleuca Tree, Clover oil, Tea Tree oil and many other ingredients that will promote the health of nail, kill the fungus, prevent its spreading and improve the appearance and luster of nails.

ZetaClear oral homeopathic spray should be used together with the topical solution because it fortifies immune system and supports the consumers eliminate and prevent the re-occurrence of onychomycosis. This product is formulated with Nitricum Acidum, Thuja Occidentalis, Antimonium Curdum, Arsenicum Album, Mancinella and other powerful compounds, which work synergistically to reduce pain, kill the fungus, eliminate discoloration, alleviate burning and tingling sensations, reduce inflammation, accelerate nail growth and improve the overall health of nails in a secure and healthy way.

By using this powerful treatment as recommended, the consumers will not experience any negative or unwanted side effects. Positive results will be noticed from the first days of using ZetaClear, when the signs of nail fungal infection will be reduced and nails will start growing healthy again. But patients affected by onychomycosis have to be aware that fungal infections are, in most cases, very stubborn and they require time, patience and diligence in order to be treated and eliminated properly. Furthermore, nail fungal infections often re-occur, so having at reach an adequate treatment for it would be a wise move.

Apply ZetaClear on your nails to eliminate onychomycosis properly. Use this treatment for as long as it takes, because it is the only way to make sure you banish the fungus and prevent its development. Due to ZetaClear, your nails will become beautiful and healthy again naturally and you will regain your self-esteem, too.

Cure fungal nail infection naturally

Although modern medicine addresses to fungal nail infection with oral antifungal pills, topical treatments and even surgical removal of the infected nail, this unpleasant health condition can be successfully treated by using natural ingredients. Also known as onychomycosis, fungal infection of the nail can cause noticeable modifications in the size, shape and color of the nail. In worst cases, nail can separate from nail bed hence we have to cure fungal nail infection even from the first signs of occurrence.

How can you cure fungal nail infection?

Most symptoms of this health condition include yellowing, inflammation, swelling, crumbling and thickening of the nail. Though in most cases nail infection is painless, the ugly truth about it is that it can spread not only to other of your nails, but to other people too. However, you can stop its development and avoid its spreading by curing fungal nail infection naturally. Numerous ingredients you already have in your kitchen can help you get rid of onychomycosis in a healthy, safe and natural way.

Zetaclear natural oilsTea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano and baking soda are powerful weapons against nail infection. Fungus can attack any part of nail, including the root, nail bed and its surface, but these remedies can penetrate the nail and kill the fungus. All you have to do is apply some apple cider vinegar mixed with the same amount of water on the nails affected and repeat this process as long as it is necessary to eliminate nail fungus and recover the beauty of your nails.

Olive oil extract, orange oil, coconut oil and lavender oil are also excellent ingredients that cure fungal nail infection. All you have to do is apply a small amount of any of these remedies – alone or in combination, with or without water – and leave it on your nails for at least one hour. These remedies have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and they will support you improve the health and appearance of your nails in a natural, safe and healthy way.

Baking soda mixed with boric acid and a small amount of water is an efficient remedy against all kinds of fungus, whether they are externally or internally located. Just apply this paste on your toenails or fingernails, massage it gently to allow the ingredients to enter the skin and repeat this process twice a day. In only a few weeks, nail fungal infection will be gone and your nails will no longer be yellow, thickened or crumbly.

You can cure fungal nail infection naturally by using ZetaClear, instead of wasting precious time while preparing various remedies. ZetaClear is made of natural ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, lemongrass oil Undecylenic acid and vitamin E, ingredients that work together to banish the fungus, to avoid its spreading and to promote the health and appearance of fingernails and nails. By addressing to the nail infection from inside out, ZetaClear is one of the most powerful treatments that treat nail fungal infection in a natural and healthy way. Use this effective treatment and eliminate nail fungus forever!

Best antifungal treatment for nails

You would be surprised to find out how many individuals are affected by fungal nail infection. Also known as onychomycosis, it is an embarrassing problem caused by fungus which can lead to changes in color, shape and thickness of nail. When nail fungus affects the nail, it can make it look disgusting and nail can end up falling of the finger or toe. In case if you use the best antifungal treatment for nails, you will be able to save your fingernails and toenails and improve their health in a natural way.

zetaclear best treatment

ZetaClear is one of the best antifungal treatments for nails because it gets to the root of the problem, killing the fungus and stopping its spreading. Consisting in a combination of topical solution and oral homeopathic spray, ZetaClear fights against nail fungus from inside out, strengthening the immune system and eliminating the signs of the infection. The ingredients included in the best antifungal treatment are 100% natural and safe for the health of the consumers. They efficiently eliminate nail fungus and help making the nails appear again shiny, beautiful and healthy.

When to use the best antifungal treatment

In the beginning, when the first signs of nail fungal infection appear, there can be a little yellow or white spot under the tip of the nail. As the infection develops, this spot will distort and thicken the nail, making it appear unsightly. Discoloration, crusting and darkening of the nail can occur and nail can end up separating from nail bed and eventually fall down, leaving the fingertip vulnerable.

Perhaps the first signs of nail fungus will not convince you to get treatment and kill the fungus, believing it is something tolerable and mild. However, when nail infection develops it can seriously affect the nail and it can even spread to other nails, moment when you really have to do something about it. By using ZetaClear, the best antifungal treatment for nails, you will stop the development and spreading of the infection, because the ingredients included in ZetaClear will kill the fungus and promote the health of nails and cuticles in a healthy and safe way.

Many people go straight to the doctor to seek for professional assistance when their nails get yellowish and thickened. The doctor will probably recommend them antifungal medicines that have to be taken for at least several weeks in order to eliminate the nail fungus. But these antifungal medicines are effective in only 60-70% of all cases of nail infection. Even worse, these medicines can cause negative side effects, some of them being quite serious. The efficacy of antifungal creams is questionable. Most of chemical substances with antifungal properties can barely penetrate the skin and they can require months to work.

One of the best methods is using ZetaClear, because it fights against nail fungal infection from inside out. The oral homeopathic spray fortifies the body, has antifungal and antioxidant properties and improves the blood circulation in the entire body. The topical solution has to be applied directly on the surface of the nails, its ingredients will penetrate it and the fungus will be eliminated and prevented from spreading. Together, these two products form the best antifungal treatment for nails and it can be used to treat and even prevent the development of nail fungus.

The appearance and health of nails are important for all of us, no matter what our gender, age and nationality are. Though we often neglect them until it is quite late and the fungus attacked us, we can eliminate it and improve the health of nails with ZetaClear, the best antifungal treatment for nails. Make sure you use ZetaClear even from the first signs of nail fungus and stimulate the health, beauty and shine of your nails!

Tips for more beautiful nails

Manicure experts recommend maintaining and caring for nails each day. Nails can become very quickly brittle, damaged, discolored, fragile and thickened, thus signaling a nail fungal infection. But since preventing is always easier than treating, specialists recommend us to allow proper time and care to our beautiful nails if we want to prevent the developing of nail fungus and to keep our fingernails and toenails neat, clean and healthy.

zetaclear 5 nail file

ZetaClear is one of the top rated solutions that eliminates nail fungus safely and helps the consumers turn back to having healthy and beautiful nails. Because it is a natural treatment that gets to the root of the problem, kills the nail fungus and prevents its spreading, ZetaClear can be used not only to treat fungal infection, but also to prevent it and avoid the damage to nails.

Useful advices for healthy and beautiful nails

Do not manipulate or cut cuticles. Because they represent a natural barrier between nail and fungus or other bacteria, by removing this barrier your nails will be prone to infections. If you manipulate them, they might become swollen, raged and red, the nail bed can get infected with nail fungus and the health of nails may take significant time to be recovered.

An interesting fact about healthy and beautiful nails is that they are flexible. You do not need to use nail hardeners, because these solutions can often do more damage than good. Most nail hardeners are not even studied clinically and what they promise can be only a beautiful lie. However, these solutions may prove to be effective for nails that are exceptionally fragile and weak.

Moisturize the cuticles and nail bed. This way you will nourish and fortify them, while the incidence of cracking, chipping and splitting will be reduced. If the nails are fragile, it could mean that they need a little moisture. You can use natural oils to nourish and moisturize them, or you can apply ZetaClear and improve the health and beauty of your nails.

Avoid using acetone-based polish removers. Any dermatologist will recommend this to women who wish to maintain their nails beautiful and healthy. Acetone is harsh and will strip the nails, which will become brittle, fragile, discolored and prone to infections.

Stop picking, peeling and biting nails. These destructive actions will damage the nails, causing changes in color, texture and appearance. Polish should not be peeled or picked either, because this will remove the topmost layer of the nail plate.

File right. You certainly know the back and forth movement. Well, this is one of the worst things you can do to your nails. Make sure that your nails are completely dry, then pick just one direction and file in long and broad strokes. This way of filing is a lot safer and you will also prevent nails from splitting.

Be gentle to your nails. Do not use your fingernails as tools because they do not represent substitutes for hammers, pliers, scrapers or wedges. Make sure you wear gloves when performing your household chores, avoid using your nails too much in moist environment and do not get them in direct contact with harsh chemicals or soaps.

Choose to prevent instead of treating nail fungal infections. Check your nails regularly for any signs of nail fungal infection and use ZetaClear to prevent the occurrence of nail infection. Knowing that nail fungus is quite stubborn, once it is installed it will take a few months to be completely eliminated. But ZetaClear is a remarkable nail solution that will treat and prevent the infection with fungus, while it will also restore the health of your beautiful nails.

By following these useful tips you will certainly maintain your nails neat, healthy, shiny and beautiful. However, you should keep a bottle of ZetaClear in your bag and use it once in a while to make sure you keep fungal infection away from your beautiful nails.

Powerful fungal nail treatment

Long, beautiful and shiny nails cannot be achieved in a simple way. Despite the fact that many people have beautiful and healthy nails without any efforts, these people certainly do not have to perform base chores and they definitely do not work with their bare hands. Having nice and beautiful nails do not require spending a fortune on dietary supplements, oils or gel for nails, because in most cases a healthy diet is enough to ensure all the nutrients needed to maintain nails healthy.

fungal nail treatment

Unfortunately, a healthy diet will not keep you away from nail fungus. It is present everywhere, mostly in humid and dark places like footwear, locker rooms or the area around the pool, but not everywhere gets his/her nails infected. But if your nails become brittle, discolored, thickened and crumby, you probably are affected by nail fungus and you should start using ZetaClear.

The most powerful ingredients from nature have been included in ZetaClear

Zetaclear is a highly effective fungal nail treatment made of powerful natural ingredients that penetrate the nail, kill the fungus and prevent its spreading. If you want to find how to use the best fungal nail treatment, you should know first that ZetaClear treatment is made of two parts: a topical solution and a systemic treatment. The topical solution has to be applied on the nails, while the systemic treatment consists in an oral homeopathic spray that will be administered under the tongue and it will deliver its ingredients in the entire system, to fortify the body and to eliminate the fungus.

Both topical and systemic treatments are made of natural ingredients that not only kill the fungus, but they also alleviate the symptoms of nail fungal infection. ZetaClear solution has to be applied directly on the center of the nail and distributed on the surface of nail by using the special applicator. The compounds of this solution will quickly penetrate the surface of nail, getting to the nail bed and killing the fungus. Cover the nail with a Band-Aid and maintain it for the night to make sure the efficacy of ingredients is increased. Once at every 2-3 days remove the softened keratin debris and use an emery board two times per month to sand the surface of nail and make sure that any signs of fungi will be banished.

Because of its method of administration, the ingredients of ZetaClear oral homeopathic spray enter directly into the bloodstream and from there at the root of the problem. The immune system is fortified, fungus is removed, discoloration is diminished, nails become stronger and shinier and their health will be significantly improved. In order to eliminate the nail fungal infection, the consumers should spray twice under the tongue three times per day and allow the ingredients of the fungal nail treatment to just do their work.

However, fungal nail infection is quite stubborn and, besides the fact it can hardly go away – using a nail fungal treatment and eliminating the fungus completely can last several months to achieve the best results – it often tends to reoccur and affect again the nails. But by having at reach the best fungal nail treatment and using it as recommended you will kill the nail fungus and prevent the reoccurrence of fungal infection. Due to ZetaClear fungal nail treatment you can be sure that you will maintain your nails healthy, strong and shiny without too much effort.

If you want to improve the health and beauty of your fingernails and toenails use ZetaClear. Using this treatment is as easy as ABC and you will definitely love to bring back the shine and health of your nails.

Fast and effective nail fungus treatment

If one or more of your nails are thickened and discolored you are very likely to be affected by onychomycosis, which is the medical term for nail fungus. Onychomycosis can affect both fingernails and toenails and in the most severe cases it can lead to separation of nail from nail bed.

zetaclear 3

Nail fungus is quite common, but it often remains the dirty secret of the sufferer. Onychomycosis occurs more frequently with age and it can make the nails of toes and fingers become yellow, green or black, crumby, brittle, fragile and thickened. As the nail fungal infection gets worse, the nail bed becomes brittle, uncomfortable and painful and nail will begin to separate from it.

ZetaClear has been developed to attack the nail fungus from inside out in order to kill it as soon as possible and to offer fast and effective relief to the unpleasant symptoms of onychomycosis. Because ZetaClear consists in a combination of an oral homeopathic treatment and a topical treatment, the ingredients work together to penetrate the surface of the skin and to deliver the active substances directly to the root of the problem.

Being a natural and highly effective treatment that offers fast results, ZetaClear supports the consumers improve the health and appearance of their toenails and fingernails. Due to the powerful ingredients included in the formulation of ZetaClear homeopathic spray, the immune system and the blood flow will be improved so the healing process will be stimulated and nail fungus will be eliminated.

Even from the first uses, the consumers of ZetaClear topical treatment noticed the appearance of their nails was significantly improved. Nails started to appear better, shinier and healthier, but within a few weeks the fungal infection was completely gone. However, nails grow at an average rate of 3 mm in a month, so the success of the treatment with ZetaClear will be fully noticed only when nails will grow back beautiful and healthy.

Nail fungus is very stubborn and hard to eliminate, but with ZetaClear the infection will be kept away in a natural, safe and effective way. This highly efficient treatment does not only treat and eliminate the nail fungal infection, but it can also prevent its reoccurrence. Thousands of consumers have already followed ZetaClear treatment and enjoyed regaining the health and shine of their nails without experiencing negative side effects.

When one of the nails shows signs of fungal nail infection, it requires proper attention and treatment because the fungus is contagious and the infection can spread to other nails and even to other people. Onychomycosis is not related to a poor hygiene, but it is often linked to poor blood circulation. This is why people who are prone to develop toenail fungal infection should wear adequate hosiery and footwear that allow air and blood to circulate properly.

If you are embarrassed by your nails and you consider following a fast and effective nail fungus treatment, try ZetaClear. Use ZetaClear before it becomes too late and help your nails regain their health before they separate from nail bed!

Fix fungal infection with natural oils

Together with healthy hair and beautiful skin, our nails contribute to a clean, nice and healthy appearance that represents our resume. But nails can change their color, texture and structure, becoming yellow, gray, brown, brittle, crumby, thickened and dull, meaning that a fungal infection affected the nails.

Also known as onychomycosis, fungal infection of nails is contagious. It appears when fungus attacks the nail bed, surface of nail or nail root and it may become painful. In worst cases of fungal infection, nails can separate from nail bed and fall down.


ZetaClear is a natural, efficient and safe treatment formulated to kill nail fungus and stop its spreading. Consisting in a combination of topical and oral homeopathic treatment that can be applied easily, ZetaClear removes the symptoms of nail fungal infection, eliminates the fungus and restores the health of beautiful nails.

You can say many things about somebody only by watching their nails. In case if nails are frayed or bitten, it is clearly that the person is impatient and anxious. Somebody with well groomed, shiny and beautiful nails is sure to be confident and appreciate themselves. However, nail fungus can affect almost anybody, especially due to unhealthy habits or when not having proper hygiene.

Fungus can enter our bodies through tiny cuts nearby nails. If you visit a manicure salon where the manicurist does not disinfect properly the manicure or pedicure tools, you can get your nails infected. Also, if you walk barefoot in public spaces such as swimming pools, gyms or locker rooms, you can get the fungus. Sharing towels, clothes and shoes with other people and even wearing shoes that do not let your feet breathe can lead to fungal infection of nails.

ZetaClear contains natural, highly efficient and safe ingredients that kill the fungus, soften the skin nearby the nails, penetrate the nail, nourish it and restore its shine, health and beauty. This treatment is medically approved because it fights from inside out against the fungus, it stops the development of nail fungal infection and prevents its recurrence.

Although it is always easier to prevent than to fight against it, when nail fungal infection occurs, it is quite hard to get rid of it. But nail fungus can be killed with natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Clove Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties, reason why it is used in various formulas to treat nail fungal infections, acne, scabies, lice, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, burns, insect bites and stings, vaginal infections, sore throat, ear infections, dandruff, hemorrhoids, recurrent herpes labialis and infections of nose and mouth, among others. The compounds included in Tea Tree Oil kill fungus and bacteria and have anti-allergenic properties.

Jojoba Oil is an amazing moisturizer that absorbs well into the skin and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Numerous products contain Jojoba Oil because this natural ingredient treats acne and cold sores, moisturizes scalp and hair, it cleanse and softens skin and improves the health of skin and nails. Even more, it has antifungal properties and contains numerous vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nourish the nails, skin and hair.

Almond Oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and it improves the immune system of the consumer. It is used as a moisturizer and it combats itchiness, irritation and dryness of skin and nails.

Clove Oil is included in many antifungal products because it kills fungus and bacteria and stops their spreading. It has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, reason why it is utilized for cardiovascular, immune, digestive and respiratory support. It successfully treats athlete’s foot, corns, diarrhea, flatulence, fungal infection of nails, herpes complex, intestinal parasites, muscle aches and ringworm.

Lemongrass Oil has sedative, antibacterial, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. It helps alleviating gastritis, cystitis, fluid retention, hernia and cramps, but it also repels insects and improves mood and focus. Because it encourages the healing process of tissues and it kills fungus, it is utilized to treat fungal infection of fingernails and toenails.

You could use these natural oils separately, but you can also use them all together because they are included in the powerful formula of ZetaClear. Applied directly on nails, ZetaClear will penetrate the skin and get directly to the root of the problem, killing the fungus and avoiding its spreading to other nails or other people. This over-the-counter treatment works by increasing the body’s natural ability to fight against infections and eliminates nail fungus without harming your body, nor causing negative side effects.

Regardless if you decide to use natural oils to get rid of nail fungal infection or if you just apply ZetaClear to improve the health and beauty of your nails, keep in mind that fungus spreads easily and you have to treat it properly in order to eliminate it.

Use ZetaClear to achieve healthy, shiny and beautiful nails that will show a tidy appearance and a neat resume!

Best cure for fungal nail infection

Although most cases of fungal nail infection are not painful, when fingernails and toenails are affected by fungus, it can become quite embarrassing. Fungal nail infections often lead to reduced self-esteem and people affected by this condition can develop an obsession related to their fingernails and toenails.

ZetaClear is one of the best treatments for fungal nail infection. It is a two-step system that comprises a topical solution and a systemic treatment that work together to eliminate the root cause of fungal nail infections. ZetaClear is made of natural, highly effective and safe ingredients that not only kill the fungus, but which also nourish nails and replenish their health, making nails become again shiny, beautiful and healthy.


Onychomycosis or fungal nail infection occurs when fungi develop in and around nails of hands and feet. Fungus can be found normally on the surface of our bodies and even in our systems, but it starts causing troubles only when imbalances occur. Antibiotics, birth control pills and even nutritional imbalances can cause an environment where fungus will thrive.

But fungal nail infections occur when we get in contact with fungus and allow it to enter our body. It can be caused by dermatophytes, yeasts or molds that affect the nail bed, the surface of the nail and even its root. These different types of fungus enter in our systems through tiny cuts and affect nails, making them damaged, discolored, brittle, broken and thickened until nails can even separate from nail bed.

ZetaClear has been developed to fight against what causes onychomycosis, regardless of what type of fungus attacked the nail. The topical solution is made of powerful ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Clove Oil and Undecylenic Acid, all natural compounds that penetrate the surface of nail, eliminate nail fungal infection and restore the health and beauty of nail.

ZetaClear systemic treatment consists in a homeopathic oral spray made of Nitricum Acidum 30C, Arsenicum Album 200C, Thuja Occidentalis 200C, Suplhur 12XS, Mancinella 30C and Antimonium Curdum 200C, ingredients which proved their efficiency against discolored nails, nourish the skin beneath the nails and stimulate the health of toenails and fingernails in a healthy and natural way.

Based on the numerous positive testimonials, ZetaClear is one of the best cures for fungal nail infections. This highly effective treatment works from inside out, meaning that it strengthens the body and fortifies it from within in order to kill the fungus and to eliminate what causes the infection. On the other hand, the topical treatment works on the outside, directly on the area affected, acting with potent ingredients that eliminate the fungus and prevent its spreading.

Fungus is contagious and can be taken from other people, especially due to waking barefoot in public spaces or sharing personal items such as towels, clothing or footwear with other people that may be infected or who may just spread the fungus. But ZetaClear will stop the development of the infection and prevent its spreading.

This natural treatment can be used on both toenails and fingernails and it offers a significant support when it comes to preventing the recurrence of fungal nail infection.

Although fungal nail infection is stubborn and unsightly, in most of the reviews the consumers mentioned that the results were noticed even from the first month of treatment. But others were less lucky and had to use ZetaClear diligently for several months to eliminate it completely and achieve beautiful and healthy nails.

If you are looking for the best cure for fungal nail infection, you should give ZetaClear a try. It enables easy application and delivers fast results, making nails beautiful and shiny again. Yellow, brittle and damaged nails will be just a bad dream. Use ZetaClear to get rid of nail fungus and enhance the beauty of your nails in a natural way!