5 homemade toenail fungus remedies

Homemade toenail fungus remediesFungal infections mainly affect toenails. The condition emerges when a parasite penetrates through the surface or a separation between the subungual plate and the bed. Male population tends to suffer this disease with more frequency. However, ZetaClear Australia provides a natural remedy that works on the deepest layers and promotes a successful healing.

1.Tea tree oil

It is one of the most efficient natural remedies employed against nail fungal infections. It is obtained from a tree known as Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native from Australia. It has been used for many years. In recent decades it has gained the attention of medical community due to the impressive results it has produced in clinical studies.

It contains elements like terpenoids and cineole which grant it anti-bacterial and antifungal properties as explained at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2981246/. In this way, tea tree oil is capable of killing microorganisms that are resistant to conventional treatments.

If the ailment is on an initial stage, you could use a dropper or a small brush to apply it on the infected nail. However, if the disease is in an advanced phase, you could combine it with apple vinegar. Moist a cotton ball with the mixture to apply it on the affected area. Conversely, the easiest way to use this natural resource is the topical solution of ZetaClear Australia, which includes it as a key ingredient.

2.Lemongrass oil

It is a delicious seasoning of Thai cuisine. However, most of us would never imagine that this herb has powerful healing properties inside its fibrous stems. The compounds found in the essential lemongrass oil have antifungal, insecticidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Soak a small cotton ball with this oil and apply it on the infected zone.

3.Lavender oil

According to a study made by scientists at the Coimbra University, which was published in the Medical Microbiology Journal, it is highly effective against fungal strains responsible for nail infections.

This essential oil has powerful antifungal properties. During the study, it was used against different types of dermatophytes and has proven to be lethal for all of them. It was also useful for immune-suppressed patients. The results revealed that this compound acts damaging cell membrane to destroy the parasite eventually.

You could combine five drops of this compound with the same concentration of other essential oils. Then you can apply the mixture on the affected area. However, for more efficient results, resort to ZetaClear natural ointment which contains this element as an active ingredient.

4.Almond oil

It is enriched with fatty acids that help to restore strength and resilience in dry and cracked nails. You can combine two spoons of this element with the same amount of olive oil. Then, with the help of a cotton ball apply the mixture on the affected zone. You could use this natural remedy three times a week.

5.An organic treatment that combines the most useful elements

ZetaClear homeopathic treatment combines mentioned essential oils in an adequate dose to provide a necessary relief to the symptoms of nail fungal infections. It has a 100% natural formulation that provides results free from side effects.

Order your supply with all the guarantees from the official ZetaClear Australia website and enjoy the benefits it has to offer you.