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Summer is among us and having clean, healthy and beautiful nails is a must! This year’s trend is fungus-free nails, so if you want to get rid of that itchy feeling that has been bothering you for years, this is the perfect time to do it.

What is ZetaClear?

ZetaClear is a 100% natural product which claims to eliminate nail fungus and assist clear yellow keratin debris. It is safe and effective and it is user-friendly, thanks to the topical brush which allows you to enjoy treatment in the comfort of your home.

ZetaClear ingredients

If you have an unsolved fungus problem which has deprived your nails from their beauty, you know that you need a product which can successfully alleviate a problem shared by plenty Australians, namely nail fungus. One of the biggest disadvantages is that this fungus causes nails to go yellow, thus preventing you from enjoying a day at the beach. ZetaClear stands by its statement and promises that you will get rid of nail fungus in no more than a few weeks, just in time for a swim in the ocean and a tan on the beach.

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ZetaClear is a 2-step solution which can help you regain the beauty of your nails in a matter of weeks. Both doctors and users recommend it.

How does ZetaClear work?

Judging from most of the reviews, what makes ZetaClear so effective is its 2-step formula which contains a solution and a spray. Apart from helping you get rid of the annoying fungus, this product will also polish while smoothing and will make the skin around the nail softer, so that you can get your beautiful nails back.

How ZetaClear works

The second step is represented by the homeopathic spray which delivers the ingredients that fight nail fungus right into the bloodstream.

Both products are 100% natural and they contain ingredients which combine in order to offer you the best treatment for your nails. The compounds have been chosen from regions across the world: Tea Tree Oil comes from here and it was discovered by Australia’s aboriginals, Almond Oil comes from Egypt, Lemongrass Oil is used across Asia and Jojoba Oil was heavily used by both Native Americans and the Indians of Mexico.

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The tea tree oil is meant to prevent irritation or skin rash, Almond Oil has the power to moisturize the dry skin caused by fungus and to relieve the itching which walks hand in hand with dryness. Vitamin E diminishes the appearance of blemishes and Undecylenic Acid is reported to promote healthy skin.

Zeta Clear before and after

The spray contains ingredients like Antimonium Curdum 200C, an excellent treatment which helps nails grow and treats discoloration and Arsenicum Album 200C, also used to treat discolored nails. Sulphur 12X has anti-itch and antiseptic properties and it is also used for nail ulcers and inflammation of points of fingers.

All you need to do is apply a small amount of this product on the center of the nail and spread it around with the topical applicator. Try to apply additional gel under the tip of the nail and immediately apply a waterproof or regular bandaid, which should not be removed until your next shower or bathe. Dry the nail well after the shower and reapply the product, then a bandaid, so that the gel will remain moist on the nail. This will permit ZetaClear to have faster and more effective results.

Remember to get rid of the softened keratin debris every two days and sand the surface of the nail using an emery board once or maximum twice a week.

Does ZetaClear really work?

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Judging from the majority of reviews, it appears that ZetaClear delivers visible results after approximately one month. After the treatment begins to show results, the keratin debris will be broken down and softened thanks to the gel.

Users have also mentioned that they decided to try ZetaClear thanks to the product’s 100% natural ingredients. The user-friendly experience was also an important factor in deciding to purchase the product and the fast results convinced them that ZetaClear delivers its promise of helping you to get rid of the nail fungus.

Should you buy ZetaClear?

According to both reviews and opinions expressed via forums, it seems that ZetaClear is an effective product which focuses solely on natural ingredients that fight the nasty fungus, even if it has been lingering on the nails for a long time.

ZetaClear offers a 90-day money back guarantee so that you can enjoy the benefits of the product without fearing for the money you spent. Should anything go wrong, you will receive your money back.

Finally, it is recommended to purchase the product from the official website, because this way authenticity will be assured and you will also receive great discounts and deals.

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